My love for the human body, and creating a life of health and wellness has been an absolute love of mine for years. So has the joy of serving others, witnessing how new information can bring about a sense of empowerment, allowing them to rise up and transform themselves.

Sometimes to discover what's inside of us, we need to do more of what we love instead of restricting and punishing ourselves to be someone who makes everyone else comfortable. I have always believed that each human life has value. Regardless of what you earn, what your job title is, what you weigh, or how to fit or don't fit into preconceived notions of societal norms.

These translate in different ways for each of us. Whether that means wearing make-up and certain clothing, working 15 hour days to “make a killing” or get things done, being on every diet, and regardless of the results, we are still not enough. Not good enough. Not successful enough. Not enough to be loved. Not enough to be respected. Just not enough.

This is the gift I would love to share with you. To know that YOU ARE ENOUGH. To find ways to express your love and compassion to yourself; to find the courage and strength you already have to commit to yourself, to show up for yourself, and to learn to move and feed your body in ways that you love.

What is possible when you get to discover what YOUR health and wellness priorities are from a place of “enoughness”, creating a life that is healthy and well through love and compassion?